Recipe -Warm Seafood, Broccoli, Chorizo Quick Salad

Do you think broccoli is super vegetable?Yes, it is, but do you know there is a tip to keep their super nutrition longer even at your kitchen? Key is letting broccoli rehydrate with water after your purchase.First cut off the bottom section of stalk thinly and then soak the section […]


Smoked Haddock Creamy White Stew

Simple is the best, right? Chop roughly vegetables -carrot, leek and lots of garlic.Apply sunflower oil in a stew pan and add vegetables.Add some sea salt and fry on low heat until the garlic is infused into oil.Sprinkle some plain flour and coat vegetables well. Take it easy, thud some […]


*Recipe* Crispy Chilli Beef Noodle (Kata Yaki Soba)

<Ingredients (4 serve)> 400g Beef mince2 cloves Garlic (chopped finely)Flat beans (sliced)1 Red pepper (sliced)Baby corns (slice into half)2 packs Ready to cook egg noodle1 Tbsp Sunflower oil1 pinch Sea salt <Chilli Sauce>2 Tbsp Soy sauce1 Tbsp Sake1 pinch Sea salt1 pinch Sugar2 tsp Black bean garlic paste2 tsp Potato starch*4 […]


*Recipe* Little Samurai Chef -Bonsai Sushi

This craft activity could be possibly new idea for attracting your child whilst long Christmas holiday.I made a Bonsai Sushi using all edible ingredients with my children. They looked almost to make a demo against boring time, however once I suggested them this craft work, they were absolutely fascinated with […]