‘Dear Naoko-san, thank you so much for hosting us at your lovely place yesterday. We love the meal as well as the Japanese culture that we have learnt from you. The pictures have warmed my heart once again. I will definitely share your cooking class with my friends.’ (October 2021)

Nice ambience, cosy kitchen n most important knowledgeable , friendly sensei with simple teaching instructions… thank you very much (Cooking Class, October 2021)

We truly enjoy ourself on Sat. Very happy that we can know the correct steps of making a sushi and more important you teaches us the vinegar for the rice. (Cooking Class, September 2021)

It’s like a dream come true to attend Naoko’s cooking classes. Every lesson was a delightful and purposeful learning experience for me, I totally enjoyed the classes! The cooking classes are cozy, and she is very insightful and knowledgeable in her cooking & culinary skills. (Cooking Class, August 2020)

I’ve always enjoyed attending Naoko’s cooking lessons. Absolutely value for money , I got to learn all the tips and insights of traditional Japanese Cuisine. Naoko is very personable and knowledgeable, great rapport and every lesson is a joy to attend. (Cooking Class, August 2020)

Thank you Naoko-san for the amazing experience and tips during the Japanese Home-style Deli class. Learnt some Japanese culture on plating and the balance needed. Japanese 一汁三菜 tradition (1 soup 3 dishes) is very similar to Chinese tradition too. 😊Looking forward to more learning. (Cooking Class, August 2020)

The food was awesome delicious. Everyone is so full. Thank you so much (Takeaway, July 2020)

Your chirashi is very good! Very happy diners here (Takeaway, July 2020)

that ramen was すごい! Every ingredient is delicious and compliments each other. thank you 🙂 that’s good to hear as we could not help ourselves from drinking it all 🙂 The made from scratch definitely improves the quality lots and lots 😀 (Takeaway, July 2020)

The dinner was amazing. Thank you. All of the ingredients were cooked and/or prepared perfectly. So many good flavours. (Takeaway, June 2020)

We’re still talking about how great it was now and I am sure we will for a while. We will definitely come again. (Private dining, September 2019)

Private Lesson & Kaiseki style Dining (September 2019)

Twitter (September 2019)
Sushi Night @Newlyn Art Gallery (September 2019)

Ramen Master Class (July 2019)

Thank you so much for such a wonderful dinner experience! The food was really amazing and we are all happily looking forward to dining on the leftovers today. My husband was completely impressed and said he’d never have thought of such a fantastic dinner for his 50th. Very professional and sweet of you to come all this way!
(Private catering, July 2019)

I am making sushi again tonight. @Naokoskitchenuk totally changed my life!!! (February 2019)

An absolutely incredible dish of food, thank you so much. We loved every mouthful thank you. (February 2019)

We all absolutely loved your class on Tuesday it’s all we’ve talked about all week! You made Japanese cooking amazingly approachable, fun, easy and versatile in a relaxed environment. (January 2019)

Naoko is such a lovely kind person with a true talent. It was amazing to get to work with her and learn about this art of cooking…More to read
(The Cornish Life, December 2018)

Christmas Eve sushi is my dinner plan this year, and she’s the reason why – her sushi courses are absolutely must-attends! (December 2018)

Such delicious food & distinct from other such events! We would like to eat it all again x (November 2018)

Another night of amazing food, thank you!
Great food, love your Japanese night!
​Great food as always! (October 2018)

Thank you for a lovely evening your cooking was amazing and the frosted flowers with the desert were almost too good to eat. (September 2018)

Truly had the best birthday on my Japanese Cookery Day. Thank you to Philleigh Way, our amazing teacher Naoko. (September 2018)

​visited courtyard deli last night for Naoko’s Sushi and Ramen……was absolutely delicious.
courtyard deli staff were awesome….deffo worth a visit just for the deli treats….Naoko’s kitchen is another level…..if you see her advertised anywhere Go! talented lady (April 2018)

We love your Asian Coconut Chicken Stew, which I’ve made a couple of times already (once with prawns instead of chicken). What I like about all of your recipes is that they have tons of flavour but are very easy to make, which is great because no one wants to spend hours in the kitchen making weekday meals. Thank you very much for taking the time to create and share so many wonderful recipes! You are a real star (March 2018)

“Thank you so much for such a great day learning to make sushi.  I cannot believe that I managed to produce such stunning looking food as I have always been so clumsy.  But not only did it look good, it tasted fantastic, and I had a great deal of fun as well.” (March 2018)

“A fabulous day, will remember this forever. Naoko is an inspiration” “Never done a course before but this is the most fun & educational seven hours of my life”  (January 2018. Japanese Cookery Lesson at Philleigh Way) 

Oh, this looks wonderful! Light but satisfying – just perfect for this time of year 🙂 Your presentation is always so beautiful, too – I must take a leaf out of your book and make my food look this pretty!! (December 2017) 

This was a Christmas present, a brilliant one.
My Wife and I had a really nice day learning Sushi making from Naoko. We made (and ate) 4 different types of Sushi all of which were delicious. The course and school seemed very relaxed but well organised and well set up. We were in a full class of 8 participants and there was plenty of space and equipment. (Philleigh Way Cookery School, 2017)

It was BRILLIANT!! Thank you so much, @Naokoskitchenuk, for turning a cold wet November night into a warm and wonderful experience. Looking forward to your next event! (November 2017)

West Briton (7th September 2017 issued)

CORNWALL LIFE (August 2017 edition)

CORNWALL today (April 2017 edition)

Once again we had an enjoyable evening at The Hidden Kitchen, St Ives.  We joined owner James the for their Japanese Supper Club where guest Chef Naoko created an evening of authentic Japanese food, with 5 course’s we got to try some amazing creations. The Hidden Kitchen is a unique space for dinning in.   With a shared table of 16, its an opportunity to meet new people and share the experience of Naoko’s Japanese menu. Full of flavours, fragrant and light to fish inspired dishes and not forgetting her show stopping Wagyu beef that was enjoyed by all!  Its well worth a visit. 
http://mystives.co.uk/2017/06/the-hidden-kitchen-japanese-supper-club/(June 2017)

We attended the East Meets West event at The Art of Wine last night and thoroughly enjoyed the sushi you had prepared for us. The food looked like a work of art and the taste did not disappoint, it was fabulous. I think you can tell when a chef loves their work, the love can be tasted and that is certainly true with yours.
Thanks again, I hope we get to dine with you again soon. (June 2017)

A very belated thank you Naoko for a lovely evening learning how to make sushi. The food was awesome, company lovely especially meeting Taor at long last and Naoko you were brilliant. Cannot wait to come along on another evening to watch your superb presentation and make and eat your yummy food (May 2017)

Thank you for such a lovely evening we all enjoyed your delicious food and company and hope to repeat the experience in the future. I would be interested in any sushi making classes you may run. (February 2017)

I have to thank you for always filling up my greedy tummy. I love your food and is the best I can ever get in Cornwall. Its awesome! (January 2017) 

We had the most amazing day, big thanks go to Naoko, George and his team, I can’t recommend one of their highly informative courses enough, thanks guys. (January 2017)

We all love Naoko – Naoko’s Kitchen. Cornwall can’t get enough of her fantastic Japanese cuisine. (January 2017)

We would like to thank you for a wonderful eating experience last night at the Hidden Kitchen, and for everyones  hard work.  The food was amazing and really enjoyed  the Venue and ambience. (December 2016)

West Briton, 14 July 2016

“To the best sushi teacher, thank you for your wonderful classes, I am so pleased that my first attempt to make sushi was a success thanks to you!” (April 2016)

“Great to know there is a bit of Japan in Truro. Hope it keeps going for a long time. Delicious Gyozas, Pork Ramen and great selection of Japanese’s pickles, an art on itself. Well done to the organizers and Naoko the chef.” (March 2016)

“20 people dined together, set out in one long friendly supper club style (think Waggamamas). There was a real buzz – everyone was excited to be there and interested to get to know one another. Naoko introducing the courses and spending time with her guests. She’s a great host – very warm and likeable.”
More detail:_ (Muddy Stilettos. 28th, Feb.2016)

​”Yesterday we went to bake cookies at Naoko’s Kitchen in Truro.
​I would definitely recommend it to any one in the Cornwall area. 
It has inspired my daughter to bake her very own cake and cookies today with limited help from me! “(Nov 2015)

“Naoko is a local Japanese chef (and my dear friend!) – she caters locally for all events right down to sushi nibbles for your office meetings or dinner parties! She holds monthly fun and delicious Sushi making and tasting Lessons in Truro (or an area near you if you want to have one!) and Story Baking Events for the kiddies where they get to make and bake the character from the story she reads to them! Cuteness you can eat! Like, share, book, learn from the brilliant, affordable, warm-hearted Naoko at Naoko’s Kitchen!” (Oct 2015)

“I’ve attended Naoko’s Sushi Evening Classes, and they gave me confidence to make many different types of sushi. She’s an excellent teacher and her lessons were well organised and interesting. She produced beautiful sushi for us to taste (along with traditional side dishes) and we were able to take our somewhat less attractive sushi home to eat. Fabulous lessens, well worth attending.” (Jul 2015)

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