Recipe Video -Chicken Umen Soup

In this video, you will get to learn how to make Japanese noodle recipe at home. It’s a healthy and easy recipe that can be made at home and requires very minimal preparation. Also, we share how to cook traditional Japanese ingredients as well. Japanese home-style food is healthier and […]


Recipe & Video -Yuzu Tofu No-Bake Cheesecake

Our great partner in N.Y., Umami Insider, made the cooking video based on our food recipe.We made a lot of exciting collaborating together, and this time, the food is healthy and easy sweets! The method is pretty simple but the taste is delightful.Click THIS LINK for watching the up-lifting video […]


Recipe -Garlicky Crispy White Bait

Luckily we have a great supplier of the freshest white bait in Tiong Bahru Wet Market.So, we make this super simple but so much nutritious food at home. White bait is so low fat but full of calcium and great protein, so particularly young children and ladies who gave birth(s) […]


Recipe -Japanese Style Yuzu Tofu Cheesecake

This is a Christmas-themed collaborating work with Fortune Food Manufacturing which is Singaporean company. This non-baking cheesecake is so easy and quick cooking but so tasty. My children loved it! Also, you reduce cream cheese using silken Tofu alternatively so that you can save so much calories, which is double […]