Art of Food

Lemon Cured Sashimi Cornish Herrings, Carrot Sushi

Beautiful beautiful days in this week.Spring is around the corner in Cornwall. The other day, luckily I found the freshest herrings at the farmers market.Herring is a seasonal fish, which arrives only early spring for spawning.They are called “春告魚 (Haru Tsuge Uo)” in Japanese language and which literally means “sign […]


Bonsai Yoko (葉子)

We are pretty chuffed about this pretty new member of our family.My boy named that Yoko (葉子. Yo葉 literally means leaf of plant) joyfully, because the name related the plant well. So his idea might be sensible and clever, but for my husband and myself, this is so funny and […]


My seafood supplier

Kernow Sashimi.They are proper Cornish local fishermen and fishmonger.I like them so much, so friendly and supportive to even small business like us.And most of all, their seafoods are so quality and they let you ask any questions about their products. If you have a time to pop over Truro […]



Course A. 松 £45 Sushi Platter (15 pieces with fresh Cornish seafood)Pork or Chicken Gyoza (15 pieces)Teriyaki Chicken steakStir-fried Prawn Glass Noodle​Edamame Course B. 竹 £25 Sushi Platter (8 pieces with fresh Cornish seafood)Pork or Chicken Gyoza (10 pieces)Vegetable Stir-fried Glass NoodleEdamame Course C. 梅 £15 Sushi Platter (7 pieces with fresh Cornish seafood) Course […]