Sushi & Ramen at Boatyard Cafe in Gweek 23.02.19 -Thank you so much!

We had such a wonderfully beautiful night with lovely 24 guests at The Boatyard Cafe in Gweek.

Sushi Platter (basic type)
Sushi Platter (no fishy type)

We served 3 courses which all were authentic Japanese food but were twisted with subtle European taste.


Basic. Cornish Sea Bream Nigiri with Caviar, Newlyn Crab Inari, Soy Marinated Tuna Nigiri, St Ewe Free Range Egg & Roasted eel Roll

No Fishy. Kimchi Nigiri with Pancetta, Tofu & Greek yogurt Inari, Roasted Marinated Pepper with Crispy Pancetta, St Ewe Free Range Egg Roll

Plus marinated various vegetables

Chicken Ramen, Boiled egg
(Sorry I completely forgot to take pictures in busy kitchen!)

Gateau au Chocolat, Green tea milk, Sweet potato chips, Frosty rosy petal  

We are so lucky to work with amazing team of Boatyard Cafe, they are so warm and supportive to me and most of all, their first priority is absolutely their customer satisfactions and they work with pride and joy there.

We can’t enough express our thankfulness to you who joined our launching night. Lots of wonderful comments made my day and encouraged me so much.

We hope to see again soon.

Thank you once again.


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