Wafu Yuzu Chicken Ramen

This is our recent hit in our homemade food 🙂 Soup, toppings (forgot to put a Chicken chashu though!) and even ramen noodles are homemade, which means it is a healthy Ramen! The soup is so clear and light but also profound because we infused it with a lot of […]


Cooking Courses for January 2022

Happy New Year! We wish you all the very best for 2022. We are pleased to announce the new courses for the new month. All menus are authentic and healthy Japanese foods. If your New Year’s resolution would be a healthy life-style, our courses are perfect for you! Our intimate […]


Spareribs with Sticky Marmalade Glaze

The other day, when I asked my kids’ request for the dinner, their answer was ‘American food!’. Ummmm…to be honest, I was not able to stop myself musing on what is America’s national food? Hot dog? Popcorn? Shamefully, I had no idea about it. However, something i favour flashed into […]