A throwback to yesterday’s takeaway for my great customers. Price and other selections are here: Course A)Matsu 松 £45  Sushi Platter (15 pieces with fresh Cornish seafood)Pork or Chicken dumplings (15 pieces)Teriyaki Chicken steakStir-fried Prawn Glass Noodle​Edamame​Course B)Take 竹 £25 Sushi Platter (8 pieces with fresh Cornish seafood)Pork or Chicken dumplings (10 pieces)Vegetable Stir-fried Glass […]


Recipe: Beet, Ginger, Lemon Grass & Coconut Soup

Hello everybody! I feel like I haven’t touched my website for ages as I had a long break in Cornwall and London with my family. We were so blessed with such a glorious weather, dazzling sun, clear blue sky, joyous birds’ singing and fresh warm spring wind…oh joy! Throwback to […]

Art of Food

Tan Tan Salad, Peanuts Sesame Chilli Dressing

You might have known Tan Tan Ramen, which is getting be popular over the world.That is a Chinese-Japanese noodle soup and nicely spicy and hot dish.It’s contains lots of asian herbs and root vegetables like ginger, garlic and leeks. This time I arranged the Tan Tan toppings and paste to […]

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Chicken with sherry, lemon, garlic and thyme

I marinated chicken legs with dry sherry, sea salt, garlic, lemon, pepper corn and thyme in a clean food bag over night, so the meat is so flavourful and surprisingly tender! Aw busy week just has started! I hope you all have a good start of the week. Naoko