A throwback to yesterday’s takeaway for my great customers.

Course A plus Sushi Cake

Price and other selections are here:

Course A)Matsu 松 £45  
Sushi Platter (15 pieces with fresh Cornish seafood)
Pork or Chicken dumplings (15 pieces)
Teriyaki Chicken steak
Stir-fried Prawn Glass Noodle

Course B)Take 竹 £25 
Sushi Platter (8 pieces with fresh Cornish seafood)
Pork or Chicken dumplings (10 pieces)
Vegetable Stir-fried Glass Noodle

Course C)Ume 梅 £15 
Sushi Platter (7 pieces with fresh Cornish seafood)

Course D)Fuji 富士 £15 
Veggie Sushi Cake (Sliced into 8 pieces)
Freshly cooked seasonal vegetables

(*)Include Pickled ginger, Wasabi, Soy sauce, Chopsticks   

<Terms & Conditions>
1.  Payment in full must be received 7 days before the service.
2. In the service that you cancel your order or change number of guest, the following terms apply:

  • Seven days or less before the event – Full refund or change to other events in Naoko’s Kitchen
  • Less than seven days before the event – No refund

3. Payment is available with BACS or Paypal

We all hope that people as many as we can would enjoy our authentic Japanese taste at your home.

Thank you for visiting our website today as well.

Naoko xx

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