Art of Food

Grilled Cornish Mackerel, Vegetables with Homemade Pesto

It’s time to celebrate arriving spring! Mackerel’s season is summer but they are getting to be fat and tasty.Then I made a sharing dish using lots of fresh local foods. Colourful carrots from Somerset.They turned into this hearty dish. This is my homemade pesto.Strong, tangy and garlicky. The seasoning are […]

Art of Food

Gems of Sushi -Salmon, Pollock

The breathtaking nature in Cornwall always give me flourishing inspirations. I made a pretty jewellery plate using Cornish harvest. Pickled radish, plum and Pollock Soy Dried bonito, spinach, cream cheese and Pollock Japanese curry, lotus root and Pollock Broccoli, Yuzu pepper and Salmon Miso nuts cream, smoked Haddock’s roe (Tarako) […]


Recipe: Salmon, Blue Stilton in Baking Paper

It’s going to be milder weather in Cornwall. And Spring is nearly there, which is my most favourite season. Luckily, I’m having two weeks off and I have made appointments to catch up my good friends everyday because when I have pop-up works, it’s difficult to find enough time to […]