Gems of Sushi -Salmon, Pollock

The breathtaking nature in Cornwall always give me flourishing inspirations.

I made a pretty jewellery plate using Cornish harvest.

Pretty one bite gems

Pickled radish, plum and Pollock

Soy Dried bonito, spinach, cream cheese and Pollock

Japanese curry, lotus root and Pollock

Broccoli, Yuzu pepper and Salmon

Miso nuts cream, smoked Haddock’s roe (Tarako) and Kelp cured Salmon

Finally, long winter is gone and merry jolly spring is here in the South West.

Spring is my most favourite season because all are shining vividly and breath of wind are stroking me soothingly.

I do hope you are enjoying the gorgeous sun and feeling to be blessed.
Have a lovely week, everyone.


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