Recipe -Warm Seafood, Broccoli, Chorizo Quick Salad

Warm Seafood, Broccoli, Chorizo Quick Salad
Warm Seafood, Broccoli, Chorizo Quick Salad

Do you think broccoli is super vegetable?
Yes, it is, but do you know there is a tip to keep their super nutrition longer even at your kitchen?


Key is letting broccoli rehydrate with water after your purchase.
First cut off the bottom section of stalk thinly and then soak the section into water in a bowl like the picture as soon as possible since only the new sliced section can absorb the moisture and all can be rehydrated.

If you can make this step soon after your shopping at home, the result is enormous: you can keep your broccoli fresh for 3 days.

Super fresh section after soaking in water

Look at this succulent section face!
Absolutely delightful.

Also another tip for your health.
Did you know where is the most nutritious part in broccoli?
It’s stalks’ part.
This is not a lie, as most plants carry their nutritions to all branches and leaves through their stalks from the soil, so they store their strong nutritions around the inside of main stalk.
Don’t you think this is reasonable?

Hence I’ve never waste any stalks of broccoli, just peel off the skin of surface as it’s too fibery and might be put some chemicals.

Right, thank you so much for your patience with such my long raving.

Today’s recipe is super quick and easy warm salad using all nutritions of broccoli.

Warm Seafood, Broccoli, Chorizo Quick Salad

Finally the recipe is here;

I hope you enjoy your cooking at your kitchen!

Happy cooking, everyone xx


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