Herby Cornish Shark Steak Stew, Blue-cheesy Cauliflower

Ummm Feeling Friday?(Yes, I am!) All in oven is great for Friday dinner. We are holding Sushi Making Workshop for fund-rising for Inspiring Women Network in Truro tomorrow morning.See you there everyone who has booked your space. Have a lovely weekend to other lovely guys! Naoko xx

Art of Food

Cornish Sardine Tomato Stew

Sardine, mackerel, horse mackerel etc., these oily fish is matching with natural sourness of tomato. I cleaned local sardine and fold them up with carrot and tender broccoli together. Garlic, celery, onion, caper and loads of herbs in there.This hearty pot nicely kicked my week off. I hope you have […]

Art of Food

Tan Tan Salad, Peanuts Sesame Chilli Dressing

You might have known Tan Tan Ramen, which is getting be popular over the world.That is a Chinese-Japanese noodle soup and nicely spicy and hot dish.It’s contains lots of asian herbs and root vegetables like ginger, garlic and leeks. This time I arranged the Tan Tan toppings and paste to […]

Art of Food

Roast Pork for Sunday

Family, fresh air, smiles and good food… Sometimes simplicity is all what we need in our life… We love homemade roast pork especially for Sunday lunch.Whenever I make pork food, I cook extra amount for our extra treat. “Tucking in all together!” This is our starting of funday Sunday.