Soft Soya Milk Skin (Nama Yuba) with Wasabi Soya Sauce

Nama Yuba originated in Kyoto which is historical but one of the most beautiful city in Japan.
And also that is an essential food in Shojin Ryori that is based on Buddhism’s philosophy and doesn’t allow to consume any ingredients which relate to meat/fish.

So I think we can say Shoji Ryori is kind of vegan food (not exactly same though).

If you have non sweetened soya milk at home, you can make this lovely healthy Japanese food whenever you want.

What all you need is amazingly simple, just soya milk, heat and patience (so true!).
Heat soya milk on the lowest heat and when that’s going to make a thin filter over the surface, carefully skim the surface.

You just need to repeat this method until you make decent amount, but as I said before, you need good patience for that because the lowest heat is the key to make a nice fluffy Yuba.

Serving Nama Yuba within that’s warm with Wasabi soya source alongside is the most traditional way for treating your guests.

As my twist, I added some deep-fried leeks over the top.

Mmmmm…what a delicate texture but I love this subtle flavour!
Typical modest food.

It’s nearly weekend but what a miserable weather in Cornwall today (where is the summer gone?!).

I wish all you a restful but fulfilled weekend.

Naoko xx

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