Moussaka (Aubergine casserole)

Hi everyone!Thanks for visiting our food blog.It’s Thursday morning here Singapore and it is mild starting of the new day. Today, we are going to share a Greek food using a leftover of meat sauce which we shared the recipe of MOS Burger yesterday. I made extra meat sauce for […]


Recipe -Homemade MOS Burger

Video recipe is HERE Once you make the meat sauce with extra amount, actually you can arrange the meat sauce for two more different dish. We will share these arranged dish using the leftover meat sauce in near the future!


Chicken Nanban, Homemade Furikake Rice

Hi everybody!Thanks for visiting our food blog.It’s Wednesday morning here Singapore and another really hot and sunny day today. Today, we are going to share a Japanese regional cuisine which is called Chicken Nanban. That dish originated in Miyazaki prefecture where is in Kyushu island of Japan but nowadays it […]


Sticky Garlic Chicken Wings

Hi everybody!Thanks for visiting our food blog.It’s Tuesday morning here Singapore and it was beginning with cool morning yesterday and today. The air was fresh and the cloudy sky looked magnificent before the sun rise, that was perfect for my routine morning pilates. These mild weather encouraged me to turn […]


Japanese Eating Etiquette

Hello everybody!Thanks for visiting our food blog.Today, I overslept, so that I missed the sunrise, hence I can’t post any pictures of morning sky…oh dearAnyway it’s Monday morning that is the last week of April here in Singapore. Time flies. We do hope you all are well. Today, we are […]


Thai Basil Pork

Hi everybody! Thank you for visiting our food blog.It’s Sunday morning here Singapore.We had a nice quiet Saturday yesterday beginning with stunning sunrise and had a little short walking around our home with family. And finished the day after fun playing card games!It was a nice break for us all. […]


Trailer -Homemade MOS Burger

Hi everybody! How are you today?It’s Friday morning here in Singapore and I did my routine activity, Morning (Hot) Pilates in the Sky before sunrise. A huge thank you to everybody who gave a lot of positive comments/reviews to us regarding yesterday’s recipe of homemade Ramen. So many people from […]


Vietnamese-style Spring Rolls

Hi, everybody!It’s Wednesday morning here in Singapore despite I’m getting to lose the sense of days 🙂 Everyday, all family members stay at home and eat meals together three times a day. I know, much appreciate we are safe and can stay at home whilst so many medical hero have […]