Vietnamese-style Spring Rolls

Hi, everybody!
It’s Wednesday morning here in Singapore despite I’m getting to lose the sense of days 🙂 Everyday, all family members stay at home and eat meals together three times a day. I know, much appreciate we are safe and can stay at home whilst so many medical hero have dedicated their lives to save thousands thousands of people’s lives.
Thank you once again to everybody who work for us on the front line. We hope decent protective equipments will be supplied to you all very soon.

Today, we are going to share a very healthy dish, Vietnamese-style Spring Rolls. I assume most people would have known that, but particularly I was keen to fold more vegetables for the sake of our healthy eating.

These look not neat but never mind, it would be alright as long as the taste is good!
Served along with homemade sweet chilli sauce

And peanuts sauce

Raw fresh vegetables was soothing and made us refresh.

I hope you have a peaceful time today too.
Stay safe and see you tomorrow again here!

Naoko xx

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