Thai Basil Pork

Hi everybody!
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It’s Sunday morning here Singapore.
We had a nice quiet Saturday yesterday beginning with stunning sunrise and had a little short walking around our home with family. And finished the day after fun playing card games!
It was a nice break for us all.

Today, we are going to share our favourite Thai food, Thai Basil Pork.

My husband and I utterly love spicy hot food like Tom Yum Soup, however our littles are too young to enjoy such a powerful taste yet. Then after my first trying of Thai basil pork at the authentic Thai restaurant in Singapore, that made me awake to cook Thai food for my family because I was sure that the boys would definitely love the sweet savoury taste of Thai basil pork. So, since then, that dish is our heavy routine food and now I can’t catch up how many times I have made for family!

This pretty herb is Thai Basil which has so aromatic smell and flavour.

Ummm I had a daydream to travel to Thailand closing my eyes 🙂
What would you like to do in the first place after the lockdown is over?
Me? Well, I have so many plans to do, but if I dare to say only one, that would be swimming at Sentosa beach! Lie on the beach, read the book, drink a cold beer…oh bliss!! And also, I can’t wait to open my Japanese cooking class at my kitchen! We are looking forward to welcoming you all in the near future.

Please stay safe until then.

See you again tomorrow here!

Naoko xx

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