Izakaya Platter -Fried Garlicky Gizzard, Tofu Salad with Mango & Fried Anchovie & Sansho & XO Sauce, Fried Bee Hoon (rice vermichelli) with Nuts & Wasabi Pea, Steamed Sweet Corn with Okura (lady’s finger) & Nagaimo (yam) & Coconut Sauce

Morning, everybody!It’s a new day and new week.I hope you had a lovely weekend. Today we are going to share the Izakaya plate which is hugely popular and high demand in Japan.Long long times ago, just after my graduation of the university, I used to work at the office as […]

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Chicken Ramen Part 1

The other day, I braised a massive chunk of pork for making a pulled pork and Chashu (Japanese pork ham) because I was thinking to make my ramen recipe.And now I’m enjoying to make a chicken ramen from all scratch with my children who are dressed in Halloween.    Chicken broth […]


Pork Gyoza 2 Ways, Pork Broth Congee (rice porridge)

Hi everyone! Today we would like to share something which were seriously cooked but all were home-style meals. For us, home-style meal means the dishes which are cooked with fresh, nutritious and also local ingredients with love, so we don’t combine MSG to our flavour.For instance, we make pork broth […]