Japanese Platter -Sushi, Pumpkin Stuffed Braised Radish, Nagaimo (yam) Chips, Natto (fermented soy) Pincho, Spinach with Aubergine Miso, Miso Soup

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Today we are going to share very Japanese vegetables that are staple for our cooking.
I’m so pleased to have a chance to get these exotic harvest easily in Singapore.

The first vegetable is Nagaimo

This Japan-originated yam has high herbal medical effects and it is going to be high demand in western countries also.

The second star is Yurine.

This is one of my favourite root vegetable (literally the name means the bulb of lily) because the texture is nicely potato-like but slightly more succulent, so simply it is delightful to eat this bulb. And as extra bonus, that is so nutritious vegetables.

Third one is Renkon (lotus root).

That’s texture is so pleasantly crispy and succulent and that contains so many great fibres.
I love these root vegetables so much.
In Singapore, you can get these beauties in wet markets or super stores.

The other day, we luckily had an opportunity to make festive meal and let myself indulge in cooking these my favourite ingredients.

The menu was Japanese Platter -Sushi, Pumpkin Stuffed Steamed Radish, Nagaimo (yam) Chips, Natto (fermented soy) Pincho, Miso Soup

Three different toppings for sushi are lightly charred squid, Sake boiled prawn and Tobiko (roe).

Braised radish is really basic and traditional meal in Japan, however this dish is arranged by adding western twists.

I put the steamed petal of Yurine on top, can you spot white petal-like beside of red roe? That’s the petal of Yurine.

Slow braised Japanese radish (Daikon) is extremely so tender that you can cut the radish with only chopsticks!

Nagaimo (yam) Chips

Natto (fermented soy) Pincho is the puffed tofu that is stuffed with Natto and vinegary tomato sauce, quail egg and deep fried lotus root (Renkon).

Puffed tofu looks like pillow, so looking pretty, don’t you think so?

Spinach with Aubergine Miso and Miso soup

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I hope you have had a great week.

Eat well, be happy.

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