Recipe -Garlicky Ray Wing, Chorizo, Caper, Olive

Happy Halloween, everybody! It’s proper autumn in Cornwall. Braaaa…I feel cold because I’m especially just back from warm Japan! (please check my social medias out that posted a lot of pictures) The weather made me make gutsy hearty food. Garlicky Ray Wing, Chorizo, Caper, Olive That is Spanish home-style food […]


Kumamoto Ramen

I think the name of Ramen is going to be well known in the UK nowadays. In Japan, there are so many regional ramen that are made up of different types of broth and noodle.The southern island which is called Kyushu is one of the most popular place as the […]



Dear All Naoko’s Kitchen customers and partners,  We always feel honoured to be your chosen Japanese food caterer and to have Japanese cooking lessons in Cornwall. We have held cooking classes, pop-ups, private catering and takeaway service of Japanese food for almost 5 years in Cornwall. We have served our food to more than 2,300 people […]

No Picture

Rain Drop Jelly

Just pretty and an eye-catcher. Have you had a lovely week? It’s almost weekend.I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Naoko


Spanish & Japanese Canapes

Just some quick throwbacks. Two types of pincho: Cornish crab & Lobster Miso paste and Yuzu-Kosho (Yuzu pepper) cured Plaice & Quail EggAnd served with homemade Alioli. As Japanese canapés, there were Inari (deep-fried tofu) Sushi and Cured spicy cod roe (Mentaico). And the feast was going on going on… […]