Kumamoto Ramen

I think the name of Ramen is going to be well known in the UK nowadays.

In Japan, there are so many regional ramen that are made up of different types of broth and noodle.
The southern island which is called Kyushu is one of the most popular place as the birthplace of Tonkotsu (broth made of pork) Ramen.
Kumamoto prefecture is located in Kyushu island and they have invented their original style of Ramen which is named Kumamoto Ramen.
Basically Kumamoto Ramen is composed of pork and chicken-flavoured broth, Wheat noodles, braised pork ham (Cha-shu) and some vegetables.

That has much milder flavour in a soup rather than Tonkotsu Ramen which is made of only pork broth.

We love Kumamoto Ramen so much. In fact, we ate Ramen everyday literally while our staying in Kumamoto!

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