Sprat, Vegetable Tempura with Soba, Traditional Dipping Broth

Tempura Soba, this is hugely popular and also very traditional food in Japan.
Soba contains lots of great nutritions like minerals (Vitamin B1, B2) and high quality of botanical protein.
Normally we dip the soba noodle and Tempura into hot broth that is served separately, but another popular and posh way is shrinking Matcha (Green tea) powder and sea salt over the tempura.
Whole sprat and sweet corn Tempura with Matcha salt. 
All of sweetness of corn, slightly bitterness of Matcha and saltiness of sea salt are perfectly making harmony.
Another Kakiage (vegetable tempura) is fine beans and sliced onion.
As early as middle of November, annual Christmas light up started in Truro.
A weekend is nearly there!

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