My favourite time -Quiche and Cream Tea of Digey Food Room

We had a fantastic time serving Japanese foods in St Ives last weekend.
I wholeheartedly love to see my clients’ smiles and hear their reviews face to face, but I have another hidden joy in the next morning after every poop-ups.
It’s to treat myself with my business partners’ specialities. 
This time they were the digey food room, and they kindly allowed me to take away their cream tea set and quiches. 
The owner and chef, Alex is so kind that he wrote down the time for reheating in the oven on the box.  
Aww I couldn’t resist taking a few photos of these super scrumptious foods before I shared them with my family.
Absolutely fresh and perfectly seasoned quiches.
I was totally convinced Alex and his team have a passion and love to their handmade foods.
And also they support local small businesses selling their products on their menu.
The digey’s cream tea use the best strawberry jam which was made by Cornish local maker.

I love these sincere spirits.

Highly recommend you to try the digey food room in St Ives.