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*Recipe* Greek-style Spinach Pie

I think this is one of the most simple cooking but so delicious and healthy!  This hit it big between my family.Generally a spinach pie contains only feta cheese but my pie does halloumi, and we enjoy the flavour and various texture together, crunchy pastry, chewy halloumi and creamy spinach.  […]


Sugata-Zukuri Red Gurnard

This beauty is a Cornish Red Gurnard. The first thing is the first…clean her with love. We made these fillets using a Japanese knife skill which is called Daimyo Oroshi (大名おろし). Then made her up into Sugata-Zukuri which uses all parts includes head, spine and tail! This is her on […]

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Autumnal Japanese Plate on the Cornish Beach

The other day, I got a pretty fresh cuttlefish from my fishmonger at Truro farmer’s market. I cleaned all and prepare the body part for my catering of next week.Then I used legs’ part for my family. It’s already September and nearly autumn.So, I made a plate using seasonal ingredients […]

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Recipe: Sake steamed Chicken Breast Tofu Salad

Morning everyone!As mentioned in my blog yesterday, I’m sharing the recipe which is extraordinary easy speedy.Because you just need a microwave, no need any stove even oven!    Meanwhile you can have really good protein but almost less fat and no gluten. We call this Hiya-yakko and it’s a typical […]