Pink Grapefruit, Soy Marinated Cornish Chicken

Spring is around the corner, I bet so.
Sun shine has been strong and higher, bird singings has been changing and a cherry tree in my garden has started for blooming in Spring.

The early spring, there is nothing for me to be beaten.

Then here is the one which I showed my feeling: Pink Grapefruit, Soy Marinated Cornish Chicken    

This dish is so traditional in Japan called Kuwa-Yaki.
Kuwa literally means hoe in English and it is said that ancient Japanese people hunted poultries using hoes.
(Incidentally Yaki means grilled) 
A hidden flavour is this Japanese dried herb, Sansho powder
I suppose “traditional food” sounds difficult to make for you, especially as it looks ethnic.

But…this is not at all, so so simple method and you don’t need any special condiment: if you don’t have Sansho powder at your kitchen, it doesn’t matter if you skip the Sansho flavour for this dish.
Even enough flavourful 🙂    

Would you be fascinated to try this Japanese dish?

Of course you can, here is the recipe just for you.

I hope you are having a relax evening.