Mini-course Japanese Dinner

Some shots of throwback to the special dinner for our client. Starter Soy grilled Cornish scallop with Ponzu Jelly For cooking shells in Japanese dish, we appreciate not only main meat like scallops but also internals. We cook even these above as we put a high value on various different […]


Gift from Mother Nature

I love a farmers’ market in Truro on Saturday, which is always packed with local harvests and full of seasonal fresh products. The other weekend, luckily we had a chance to get a live lobster, scallop and line caught horse mackerels and mackerels from the local fishmonger, Kernow Sashimi. My […]


Happy Birthday Take-away

Today’s take-away was for our lovely regular customer’s big birthday. Two different types of sushi cakes Cakes are in the box when you pick up. And sushi, Gyoza, Teriyaki Chicken, Stir-fried Noodle, Edamame…all are typical Japanese food and authentic taste. Very Happy Birthday, Sam.Wishing you all wonderful years. Takeaway menu […]


Take-away Menu

Course A)Matsu 松 £45   Sushi Platter (15 pieces with fresh Cornish seafood)Pork or Chicken dumplings (15 pieces)Teriyaki Chicken steakStir-fried Noodle Course B)Take 竹 £30  Sushi Platter (8 pieces with fresh Cornish seafood)Pork or Chicken dumplings (10 pieces)Stir-fried Noodle Course C)Ume 梅 £20  Sushi Cake (Sliced into 8 pieces)Freshly cooked seasonal vegetables & seafood (*)Include Pickled […]


Menu of Catering

Package A (4 courses). £55  Sushi (7 pieces with fresh Cornish seafood)Pork or Chicken Gyoza (3 pieces)Chicken Ramen (Noodle soup)Gateau au Chocolat (Chocolate dessert) with Green tea milk, Azuki Cream, Sweet Potato Chips Package B (3 courses). £36  Sushi (5 pieces with fresh Cornish seafood)Chicken Ramen (Noodle soup)Gateau au Chocolat […]