Ray Wing with Garlic Olive Oil

This time’s lovely guest from our fishmonger is Ray wing. Such a giant but very fresh one!The other day, my Spanish friend taught me the authentic recipe using a ray wing. Then I tried to cook. I used lots of garlic, capers, olive oil and paprika powder. Patiently infuse all […]


Recipe -Simmered Pork belly (Kakuni) 豚の角煮

This meaty dish originally came from Chinese dish but people have arranged for Japanese taste for long time.And now it is a super popular Japanese food especially the most southern island called Okinawa. This might look like very fatty, but no worries, for preparing, we boil the pork belly for […]


Sushi -Kombu-cha Cured Cornish Wrass

This is a Japanese condiment called Kombu-cha which is made of Kelp essence. This is so useful because you can easily add extra Umami flavour to your food even if you are vegetarian or vegan. This time, I sprinkled this kelp powder over Sashimi Wrass for seasoning. Wrass has very […]


Heart Food Festival

We had a great time for sharing how to make authentic sushi on the stage of Heart Food Festival yesterday. A huge thank you to everybody who joined our demonstration, and special thank you, Clair, your host was absolutely fantastic and supported a lot. Hope to see you all again […]


Truffle Oil Cured Sashimi Cornish Pollock

PeonyThat’s one of my most favourite flower. The other day, my special good friend gave this bouquet and this beauty lit my life up! Then I was so inspired by these exquisite beauties to make something special. At the same time, I got a local caught Pollock from my fish […]


Royal Cornwall Show 2019

It was really wet and windy day but we had wonderful time to cater for our client, Savills Cornwall, in Royal Cornwall Show on Friday 7th June. Thank you so much for having us, that was really great opportunity for us. If you are looking for someone who cater authentic […]


Recipe: Elderflower & Lemon Ice Cream

My beloved season has just come! Wild garlic, elderflower and dandelion etc… I quite like to pick these seasonal harvests up and make some food.This time, I made elderflower syrup first. Elderflower syrup is so versatile, we can make cordiale that my children absolutely love to drink and if we […]