Pan-fried (Meuniere) Cornish Plaice, Yuzu infused Cream Sauce

It’s Fish Friday!

The other day, I got the freshest plaice which was caught just the day before from Cornish sea.
Super beautiful.

Cleaned and fillet.
Of course that’s Sashimi grade fish though, this time somehow I preferred much rich taste.

Then sprinkle some sea salt and plain flour over, then pan-fried them with lots of butter!

Looks simple but I was so delighted as the cream that was infused by Yuzu (Japanese citrus) was so matching with the plaice.

Today is summer solstice, and it’s still so light even 10pm!

I LOVE British summer.
I LOVE people, seafood and nature of Cornwall.

I hope you have a fulfilled weekend.

Naoko xx

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