Sushi -Kombu-cha Cured Cornish Wrass

This is a Japanese condiment called Kombu-cha which is made of Kelp essence.

This is so useful because you can easily add extra Umami flavour to your food even if you are vegetarian or vegan.

This time, I sprinkled this kelp powder over Sashimi Wrass for seasoning.

Wrass has very subtle flavour, so these deep Umami seasoning is perfect for this fish.
And also Wrass is so firm that thinly slicing would be better if you want to eat as Sashimi.
Then the Wrass fillets turned into this dish.

Sushi -Kombu-cha Cured Cornish Wrass

Not too bad actually.
Very clean but also very flavourful.

Here in Cornwall, it is going to be very hot this week, woo hoo!!
I hope you have had a lovely summery time too.

Naoko xx

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