Recipe -Takikomi Gohan

Happy Easter, everybody!
It’s Easter Monday morning here in Singapore and it’s not a bank holiday (shame!).
So I’m working to make the recipe for sharing with you, but I feel really lucky to be allowed to work at home even in such a sombre circumstance.

Today’s recipe is another very traditional but slightly arranged to be updated Japanese food -Takikomi Gohan

You can use your any vegetables leftovers t make something truly tasty with
this takikomi gohan mixed rice recipe. That is made by cooking rice with a variety of vegetables and condiments. As we said you can use any vegetables to make it, but this recipe uses some of the most commonly used vegetables, such as mushrooms and carrots. This dish is perfect for serving on the side of main meals if you prefer rice with a little extra flavour.

Originally we add Dashi stock for the seasoning, however if you are really too busy to make Dashi stock, this arranged recipe would be helpful for you because I arranged the recipe to be easier and more simple for you using butter.
The ingredients are pretty simple.

Rice, soy, Sake, vegetables, butter and sesame seeds plus little bit sugar only.

For your little information, we served Braised Pork Belly & Daikon which was leftovers of the day before and Yuzu Mayo Cabbage Salad with the Takikomi Gohan together.

All dishes on the table of that day was quick cooking.
Lastly here is the recipe of Takikomi Gohan for you.

Right, I’m still editing the video recipe for the braised pork belly which we promised to share with you last week. So I’m gonna go back to my editing work again.

Have a peaceful and cheerful Eater, everybody!

Naoko xx

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