Chirashi Sushi

Throwbacks of yesterday’s takeaway service

Yesterday’s menu was Chirashi Sushi which literally means scattered sushi. As you can see, so many various toppings that were cured/cooked/seasoned in different ways are on the sushi rice. We just cook the fresh ingredients with exact perfect ways which yield the best taste of them.

Vinegared, seared, marinated and sweeten or savoury flavours are making harmony on one plate.
Also, you can enjoy a lot of different seafood in same time -tuna, squid, salmon, scallop, eel and fish roe. These best balanced flavours charm people who are sushi lovers.

Now we are lucky to have some customers who are not our neighbours, we much appreciated that wider customers. If you are interested in our takeaway Japanese food, please feel free to ask me more details. We are more than happy to make foods for you 🙂

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