Cooking Class January 2024 -Sushi & Tempura


Sushi is nowadays the most iconic and well-known Japanese food over the world. It is prepared vinegared rice (sushi-meshi, 鮨飯) with a variety of ingredients, such as seafood and vegetables.
That is loved as a healthy food which does not contain much cholesterol and is even free from gluten.
Tempura is another typical Japanese dish that usually consists of seafood and vegetables that have been coated in a thin batter and deep-fried.
In this class, you can learn how to make sushi rice and roll sushi, and also Tempura batter plus how to cure ingredients for crispy Tempura.

Roll Sushi

You can learn:
*How to make sushi rice
*Tempura batter
*Tips for making crispy Tempura

€50 Adult, €30 Child* per person
*Under 10 years old

Sunday 21st January 2024
12.30 – 3.00pm
(includes welcome beer and food tasting time)

In Sant Gervasi area
After confirming the booking, we will let you know the detailed address

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