Cooking Class 2023 -Sushi & Mochi

Sushi & Mochi Do you like home party with your family or friends? If you are looking for any good idea for entertaining your loved ones with your original style, Sushi is the best choice. Everybody can pick up their favourite pieces, that is perfect as a nibble holding a […]



Dear All Naoko’s Kitchen customers, We always feel honoured to have opportunities for holding Japanese cooking lessons and sharing our authentic cultures in Singapore. We moved from the UK to Singapore at the end of 2019 and embarked on a new life in pandemic and have restarted our own business, cooking class, […]


Kaiseki Class, 27th November 2022

Osechi & Ozoni Osechi おį¯€æ–™į† are traditional Japanese New Year foods and it has been inherited since the Heian period (794-1185). Osechi foods are arrayed in their speial boxes called Jubako 重įŽą, and each food has means/wishes for people’s health or prosperities. In this class, you can learn 7 typical […]


New Year Bento Course, 29th January 2023

New Year Bento Course(Take-away Only) MenuSalmon Takikomi Rice Chicken Yahata Maki (Chicken Roll with vegetables)Igaguri Somen (Deep-fried fish cake)Uni Cream Stuffed Tomato Kikka Kabu (Marinated Radish)Dressed Kamaboko (Processed fish paste)Broccoli with Japanese Dressing You can learn: *How to shape rice ball into flower shape without a mould*Traditional Osechi dishes*How to […]