Takeaway Sushi -Nigiri & Roll

Sharing some details of our takeaway Sushi to our neighbours yesterday evening.

All were freshly cooked/prepared just before the delivery.

From the left, Grilled Unagi (eel) with Sansho pepper (Japanese pepper)

Yuzu Peppered Salmon Two Ways 

Hamachi (Japanese amberjack)

I cured Hamachi aiming for enhancing that’s rich, creamy taste and melt-in-your-mouth texture, and that long process yielded a richer and deeper flavour in every bite. This pleasant beauty was imported by our partner, Mogu Shop which is Singaporean company, from Japan directly. Hamachi is one of my most favourite fish and staple order in Sushi restaurant.
Mogu Shop’s Hamachi was such quality and I’m so grateful for their effort to distribute it. Fish of large size like Tuna and Hamachi which were caught in far offshore are frozen immediately in the fish ships anyway for the sake of keeping freshness, so there is no disadvantage to be delivered frozen fish like sort of fish. The detail and ordering of this product is HERE.

Tuna Mayo Gunkan Style with Yuzu Jelly 
I use this authentic Yuzu juice which was made of Yuzu of Kochi where is the largest cultivating place in Japan.

This juice is so fresh and taste like just squeezed Yuzu juice itself, that is why I recommend it to you.

Next is…

Homemade Inari (deep-fried Tofu)
You can buy ready to eat Inari sachet in Singapore, however these are slightly too sweet for me, so I always simmer the deep-fried Tofu skin and marinate for two days for absorbing my taste.

Even my boys prefer my Inari than store selling 🙂

Honmaguro (tuna) with Nori (seaweed) paste
Slightly Char-grilled Scallop

Slightly charred scallop yields sweeter taste and nice smokiness, which is great combination in your mouth. The scallops that were transported from Japan was from Mogu Shop as well. The product detail is HERE.

And lastly, here is the roll sushi, Dashi Maki Tamago (egg omelette), Carb, Cod Flakes.

We packed the sushi with love and care for our lovely customers.

Some customers sent back their great reviews to us just after finishing their dinner straight away.

Wow, just finished. That was so delicious, we both LOVED it! Really was incredible, thank you so much. You made our day with the delicious food! It was a highlight, every piece was soooo good!

Hi naoko san. Sushi is Oishii! Looking forward to next wed dinner again.

We are really grateful for these customers’ feedback and these positive supports are always the resource of our motivation and encouragement for our business.

Please remember you all are our customers and we are going ahead with the plan for sharing our skills and tastes with you all in our cooking class.

Finally, the most retailer shops and restaurants will open their doors tomorrow in Singapore, so we hope you enjoy regaining a fantastic normal day tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting our website.

Naoko xx

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