Juicy 65C Confit Salmon with Japanese Curry Flavoured Silky Potato Puree, Dashi Jelly

Hello, welcome to Naokichi (ăȘおキチ) food blog.
It has been so hot and summery period here in Singapore, which was really great to feel energetic and powerful nature.

In such a hot day, we tend to eat less oil, light and clean food sake for our health. So, the other day, I made very light but so flavourful dish using a French culinary skill -confit.

Confit is any type of food that is cooked slowly over a long period of time as a method of preservation. Mostly oil or grease is used for that slow cooking method, but this time I chose to poach salmon fillets in hot water instead of oil, because I didn’t feel like to eat heavy food and the fresh salmon itself was enough lovely oily fish.
So what I did first was curing the salmon with Kombu (kelp) for infusing the Umami flavour of Kombu into salmon, and then wrap up with cling film preventing to be soaked. And poached in 65C hot water for 8 minutes.

The flesh is absolutely delightfully cooked, half cooked and half Sashimi, and surprisingly it was juicy, succulent and flavourful as all Umami flavour and juice are packed into the flesh of salmon. Bliss!

Finished with Japanese curry flavoured potato puree and Dashi Jelly.

Served the salmon that is warm temperature like our body which is comfortable for our palate. Crystal shiny jelly set off the atmosphere of freshness.

This was a huge hit for my family and particularly the boys who preferred soft fish almost licked the bowl after their eating all!
So, I am thinking to make this food into the recipe and will share it to you all in this week. It takes under 30 minutes , such a quick cooking but also super healthy food, why not trying? 🙂

Wishing you all fulfilled and calm day today.

Naoko xx

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