Bodged Fish & Chips

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Today, we are going to share a funny finished food with you.
This is our family’s story though, we lived in the UK for 6 and half years until we moved to Singapore this year. We had the most wonderful time in the UK with thoughtful and heartwarming local friends and neighbours. My boys built fantastic friendships in the school and we all are still missing these unforgettable time.

The other day, when I asked my children where they would want to go if you could anywhere to travel, my younger son answered ‘Cornwall (the county where we lived), because I don’t like hot’. lol
Oh dear, mummy is so loving this hot and tropical weather so much, and I can’t make our place cooler any more but there is only thing I can do for you…that is making you feel like in the UK with the food!

Then I declared to cook the UK’s national food, Fish & Chips that is my children’s favourite food for them. This is sad news but cod which is mostly cooked for Fish & Chips is extremely expensive in Singapore, so that is not affordable to make F&C using cod. So, I purchased alternative white fish and deep-fried.

At first sight, that might look ok, however I was not happy for finished fish because my favourite one has to be covered with more puffed thick coating.

This is just a fried fish, I can’t call this Fish & Chips!!! No way!
I know what was the failing point for this unpleasant dish -I skimped the oil for deep-frying (shame!). I didn’t allow to let the oil be enough deep in a deep pan, so the battered fish had no space to be afloat in the oil. So the batter could not be puffed enough and I couldn’t make the proper Fish & Chips…oh my goodness.

Then for my making up for the bodged fish, I served onion rings that was another their favourite street food.

Oh what a healthy dinner!! Oil, oil and oil…lol. Never mind, that was a great motivation for extra exercise for the next day! (yes, we are always positive)

Careful, that’s just fried! oh no, so Hot!!!

Yay, my favourite food!

This pretty figure is Cornish pisky that my great friend in Cornwall gave us as a lucky charm for our future. He looks smiling warmly.

We are looking forward to visiting our friends again soon after the circumstance will allow us to do.

Thank you for reading our long story. 🙂
Have a nice weekend, everybody!

Naoko xx

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