Budget Food Recipe -Spicy Pork Udon Noodle with Creamy Sesame Soup

This is another collaborating recipe with Fortune Food Manufacture in Singapore using their great product, Japanese Udon noodle.

This meal is so kind to your budget but also so tasty, flavourful and full of nutritions because use sesame paste which is magical condiment for the soup. The taste is based on Japanese-style Tan Tan Ramen (Dan Dan) and I just substituted the Udon for ramen noodle. This is one of my family’s favourite noodle dish in my cooking.

I adjusted the amount of chilli flavour for my little kids, so if you would need more, please add more red chilli or chilli paste for your own preference.

It takes only 20 minutes for cooking, so if you would be a fan of Japanese Udon, why not try that, we hope that would be worth cooking for you!

The recipe is just below:

Enjoy cooking!

Naoko xx

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