Healthy Pork Spring Roll with Gazpacho (Spanish tomato soup), Mushroom Salad, Fine Bean with Sesame Dressing

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Today we are delightedly going to share the spring roll that is healthier than other ones.
The trick is alternating Japanese Konjak with Bee Hoon for the filling.

Konjak is absolutely magic food as no calorie, no fat despite that contains so many fibres. Also even when we deep fry the Konjak as filling of spring roll, it doesn’t absorb the oil actually.
So we don’t feel deep guilty for eating fried food so much!

Cook the filling first…

Then wrap the filling up and fold it like Origami.

And plunge into the hot oil!
Using cooked filling can save the time and calories of oil for deep frying.

Here are some shots for the sample image.

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