Fun! Kids’ Sushi Making Class

We had another wonderful time with a lot of children in the school. So fun to make sushi with energetic boys and girls! Well done, everybody! You are absolutely creative young stars! We are looking forward to the next time already! Naoko


Thanks for joining the class -Osechi

That was in the last weekend, we had wonderful and amazing time with our customers. We made 7 dishes which were very typical Osechi foods. All are home made and very much healthy. We had 9 guests and it was so fun to cook authentic Osechi foods together 🙂We could […]


Thanks for joining the Kids’ Sushi Making Class!

We luckily had the privilege of hosting sushi making courses with young children in an international school in Singapore. Making Sushi with 19 children who had shining eyes for their curiosities was so exciting and mesmerising for us! Every week, we hold a course with different sushi menu until this […]


Sukiyaki Pasta

When you are super busy but you don’t want to feel guilty by feeding your kids with unbalanced foods, this Japanese condiment is perfect for you.Yamamori Tsuyu no moto 3 bai (Soba & Udon) is the product from natural fermentation soy sauce JAS standard, Non GMO and also no preservative […]