Mediterranean Night -Calamari, Gambas al Ajillo (Spanish Garlic Shrimp), Allioli (garlic egg white mayo), Aubergine Dip

When we were in the UK, we used to travel around Mediterranean region so many times and we all loved their food!!
I learnt authentic cookery at some cooking classes in Spain, Greece and Italy, which were absolutely priceless.

The other day, I luckily found very fresh squid and made a Mediterranean platter.

Allioli is addictively charming 🙂 My most favourite style is drizzling Allioli over a paella.

Wished I had bigger prawns, but this time this was the one.

I still clearly remembered when I learnt this aubergine dip sauce in Athen like yesterday. This dip is still my favourite.

Dreamed of traveling in Europe again 🙂

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