Red Snapper 2 Ways -Sake Steamed Red Snapper, Ponzu & Grilled Onigiri (rice ball) with Dashi Soup (焼きおにぎり茶漬け)

Today’s dish was another traditional and formal style of Japanese cuisine.

First thing is first, cleaned the fresh red snapper, remove the guts and scales.
Then drizzle over Sake and dust some Yuzu Salt over, wrap up with Banana leaves.

Allow to steam in the oven for only 10 minutes because the fish is so fresh!

The fresh red snapper is so tender and slightly sweet, but still subtle, so we prepared optional sauces.

Ponzu and grated Daikon (Daikon Oroshi 大根おろし) that is the most basic style and staple taste for that dish.

Garlic Miso Mayo, Spring onion and Seven chilli powder (Shichimi 七味)

After appreciating some red snapper, move on to the second way to enjoy the snapper -Grilled Onigiri (rice ball) with Dashi Soup (焼きおにぎり茶漬け)

The Dashi is based on Kelp and by adding some snapper into the soup, the smokiness of rice and deep flavoured Dashi perfectly made harmony, which is so tasty and healthy!

As garnish, we chose Tororo Kombucha (fine kelp) and Nori.


The boys who experienced this traditional food first time, they were so fascinated to pour Dashi soup into their bowl and LOVED the taste!

Would you like to try this heat but so healthy food?
Of course you can, we are going to open the new cooking courses which includes Grilled Onigiri with Dashi Soup (焼きおにぎり茶漬け) in October soon!

Due to the government’s safety measuring guidance, the spaces are so limited, so please don’t miss out this chance!

Stay safe.

Naoko xx

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