Takeaway Sushi 04.08.2020 -thank you so much!

We had a busy day today -we had two time slots for delivering of our homemade sushi to our neighbours.
You might have known, we can’t keep sushi especially using raw seafood for a long time even a few hours because the freshness of steamed rice and seafood is more than important.

Today’s menu was this ->

Hahaha, do you feel the handwriting menu is such old school? I know it is, but we decide how to cure the seafood for that day and type of sauces for matching the taste of cured seafood on the day because the condition of weather and seafood itself are not same anytime.

Then here is the final appearance for today’s takeaway sushi.

This lightly seared beef Nigiri is our new member.

We cured sliced grass feed beef meat and seasoned with Yuzu Salt that was made in Japan after the searing by blow torch.

This is Yuzu Salt from Japan

My regular customer sent a feedback about the sushi of this time:

It was really tasty! My wife said this is the best dish she’s had from you so far.

What a great compliment! We felt all were paid off and most importantly, making our customers happy by our food is everything.

Thank you so much everybody who has supported our little business but big passion for food.
Hope to see you all soon!

Naoko xx

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