Hainanese Chicken Rice & Leftover Chicken Sandwiches with Tiong Bahru Bakery’s Bread

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It’s Tuesday morning here Singapore, and it is beginning to be hotter than these last few days.

I LOVE the strong sunlight so much because I feel like to charging the energy of nature into my body and soul. So, the hotter day is more than welcome for me!

Anyway, sorry for shouting such a personal preference!
Let’s go back to the today’s main topic, that is the Southeast Asian food, Hainanese Chicken Rice.

In Singapore, that is hugely popular and staple food in any hawker centre. My children are not uncommon, they love chicken rice too and when we go to hawker centre/food court, mostly they order chicken rice!

Then the last weekend, we bought a whole chicken and attempted to make a Hainanese chicken rice.

Boiled the herb-stuffed chicken and removed so many scum for making a great chicken stock. And the key for good chicken rice is the moist/tender chicken meat, so after throughly chicken’s cooked, let it be cool down in icy water avoiding for being overcooked. And coat with sesame oil over, which is effective for not only great flavour but also for keeping moisture and being glazed.

This beautiful crystal clear soup is the chicken stock which I made this time. Then steamed the rice with that stock and Pandan leaves which infused tropical fragrance into the steamed rice.

Then everybody tucked in!

It’s like a Sunday roast of Asian version, maybe?

The sweet savoury source for the rice is absolutely addictive. Love it.

Then, the next day, we created another food using the leftovers of chicken and bread of Tiong Bahru Bakery which is our most favourite bakery in Singapore.

I got extra order from my children, they wanted ‘dinosaur lunch!’ (what’s on earth, what is dinosaur lunch?!?!) So I added extra twist to the presentation.

Can you find some dinosaurs hiding on the board??

Roaaaaah….well, that was my best effort for this time. lol
The filling is the leftover chicken meat that was seasoned with mayonnaise and mustard. Sooo good!!

Tiong Bahru Bakery’s baguette and croissant are amazingly fantastic!
The boys absolutely amused themselves with these dinosaur lunch.

Thanks goodness, I reckoned that I done my big task!

We hope you all are well and you would be able to see your families and friends again soon.

Stay well and Keep smile!
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