Temaki Zushi (Hand Roll Sushi)

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It’s Friday evening here Singapore.
Today we are going to share some sample images of sushi party as a beginning for the early weekend.

This time we made Temaki Zushi (sushi) with lots of healthy stuffs.
For the actual photos, let’s roll!

Temaki Zushi is the perfect style for the party as people share the ingredients for the filling of roll sushi, which is pretty intimate atmosphere! Also people can choose the fillings for their preference, so everyone make different rolls.

Choices for filling are

Nagaimo (Japanese taro) with Tobiko (fish roe)

Oh yes, of course, Sashimi Salmon

Spinach Egg Omelette and vegetables

Crunchy lotus root, Kinpira Renkon

And as an extra direction, handmade chopstick holder which my older son made for that night.

Such a family team working!
I really wanted the boys remember this great Japanese traditional heritage.

The boys seemed to enjoy own roll making experiences.

Oh dear, disaster…typical family scene though!

Never mind, it’s Friday anyway.
We wish you peaceful weekend ahead.

Naoko xx

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