Cornish Seafood Pesto Spaghetti with Japanese-style Creamy Free Range Egg

My boys’ basil plant has enough grown up which was planted from seed in this summer.
This is our second time to pick up it’s freshest harvest.
I can’t stop sniffing at the leaves and even my fingers after picking up!

I made these beauties turned into pesto sauce for pasta.

My recipe of pesto was what I learnt in Florence of Italy.
Luckily I have got some local seafoods from my favourite fishmonger directly, scallops, octopus etc.
​So I can say this is a fusion of Italian and Cornish taste. 
And let me add one more twist: Japanese-style creamy egg which is called Onsen-Tamago.
It’s deliciously runny oozy free range egg!
There is nothing more flavourful and zesty sauce than hand-made fresh pesto sauce, which is matching with creamy rich egg yolk.
It’s Friday everyone, weekend is almost there!

Wishing you a happy Friday x