Moroccan Lamb Tomato Stew

WHAT’S ON EARTH DISH INSIDE?! Ta-da! That’s Moroccan Lamb Tomato Stew which is half-boiled egg-topped. I quite like these surprising presentations. Thank you for finding our website.Have a lovely weekend! Naoko

Art of Food

Veggie Sushi Cake 2019 winter

Hello, thank you for popping over my new website! Today I want to introduce you my beauty in my new menu of take-away. All are made of vegetables and seaweed. I will make a chance for you to try this at some points in this year. Have a lovely weekend, […]



I am making sushi again tonight. @Naokoskitchenuk totally changed my life!!! (February 2019) An absolutely incredible dish of food, thank you so much. We loved every mouthful thank you. (February 2019) We all absolutely loved your class on Tuesday it’s all we’ve talked about all week! You made Japanese cooking […]