Japanese inspired Mint marinated Cornish Lamb Chop Steaks

The other day, luckily I got a really fresh lamb chops from a local farm shop of Brian Etherington.
These were amazingly high quality, I fell in love with the beauties in a flash!

Then I made this dish which were inspired with Japanese twist: Mint marinated Cornish Lamb Chop Steaks
But to be fair, I’m not surprised if they left some because it was thick meat but actually my little boys who are not keen the thick steak didn’t leave ANY pieces of lamb!
Umm sounds like good start for the new year!

Would you fancy trying this at your dining table?
Yes of course you can, because I’ve shared the recipe and that’s not a rocket science at all!
Recipe is HERE.

Please try this and let me hear your attempt.
Your comments are always pleasure to me.



  1. Hi,
    Dear Naoko and Shinichirou,
    A Happy New Year from Japan. Your dishes look really tasty.

    • Hi Uncle Hiroshi!
      Thank you so much for your kind comment.
      I hope to visit Kumamoto and to say hi to you in the near future.
      We wish you very happy New Year.
      Best wishes,

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