Teriyaki Chicken & Egg Rice Bowl (Oyako don 親子丼) and Tofu salad

My older son who just turned into five years old has wobbly milk tooth.
I was so impressed with these nature’s schedule.
 Such a day, I made typical Japanese dish in my kitchen.

​Teriyaki Chicken & Egg Rice Bowl and Tofu salad. 

We Japanese call this “Oyako-don” and “Oyako” literally mean “parent-and-child” as Chicken and Egg are such a relative
Funny isn’t it!

Sweet & savour Teriyaki chicken and slightly savour egg are best matching! 
This is absolute my kids’ favourite dish.
I put this tofu salad aside as a side dish.
Drizzling soy sauce over this, enjoy these healthy meals!

Finally it’s only one week to Christmas of this year.

I hope you have a healthy smiley Christmas time.