New Year Eve Japanese Tapas (Sushi, Sashimi & Tempura) 

Time flies when we are having fun.
Yes, especially festive time like Christmas! 
I had spent time with only my family in the UK and thankfully had really quality time together.

Even after finishing Christmas, we can not stop festive mood because our Japanese culture traditionally celebrate more New Year festive than Christmas. 

On the night of New Year Eve, I made special Japanese tapas for my family.
That was Sushi, Sashimi & Tempura for my family.

Temari Sushi.
We Japanese make these handy size sushi for a special occation. 
In other words, they are a match for celebrating New Year for us.
Prawn Tempura Nibble Style
And just before 0.00am, we eat Tempura Soba (noodle) calls Toshikoshi Soba for celebrating, or “noodle soup which is believed to carry you safely into the New Year.” 
This is the very traditional custom.
To be honest, I wish I could put my feet up while such a festive time, but succeeding our culture to descendant is our inportant responsibility, I think.
Be healthy, jolly and have deep compassion.

Happy New Year everyone.
I wish you very happy new year, full of joy, love and success.