Cornish Pork Broth Ramen -Naoko’s original(醤油豚骨ラーメン)

Yes, this is a typical of Japanese street food, Pork Broth Ramen (Tonkotsu Ramen).
When I lived in Tokyo just 2 years ago, I was crazy about Japanese Ramen, though have never thought of making Ramen from scratch. Because I realised it’s an artisans’ world. So my husband and I used to enjoy dinner out  of Ramen together so often instead of cooking them by myself..  
Nowadays in Cornwall I’m getting to miss this taste, then  I decided my mind to make MY Ramen from scratch for my family. To be honest, it took much longer time to spot MY taste; I kept boiling pork broth with pork thigh borns and trotters for 40 hours! It deliciously became creamy, cloudy and thick.   
Here, this is my original “Cornish Pork Both Ramen”. 


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