Bolognese Rice Bake

This is one of my kids’ favourite, but was not surprised as Bolognese meat sauce is always a winner for kids.

In Japan, we have our very own food that use the meat sauce. That is called Doria.
Doria is a casserole with white sauce (sauce béchamel) and rice and there are some variants of fillings like seafood or meat and sauces. Most common one is grilled butter rice with white sauce and sea food (prawn is the most major) garnished with cheese on top.

This time, I made Bolognese meat sauce for weekend’s brunch and cooked the Doria using leftover sauce and rice.

As I said, usually people use butter rice for Doria but my Bolognese sauce is twisted with Japanese white miso paste as a hidden deep taste, so I prefer just white rice since that can stand out the flavour of meat sauce more.

Serve during still the cheese is sizzling!

Ummmm can’t resist the smell of grilled cheese!

The boy who is a particularly huge fan of rice dish had a blast!

All I made for 5 people were gone in the blink! 🙂

Haha, it’s Friday! Woo Hoo! How can I make our weekend attractive despite we are in CB?

Keep Positive and Stay Smiley 🙂

Naoko xx

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